October 22-26

September 12-16

July 18-22

July 3-7

June 27-July 1

May 16-20

May 2-6

27 Feb - 4 April




Sept 29--Oct 2

June 20--26

June 7--11

June 7--10

April 19-23

26 February



Topology Retreat 2.0, Będlewo

Operator Algebras Mini-Symposium, 8 ECM, Portorož, Slovenia

Special Week on Operator Algebras at East China Normal University, Shanghai

Interactions between expanders, groups and operator algebras, Universität Münster

C*-algebras and geometry of groups and semigroups, University of Oslo

Columbia Geometric Topology Seminar




University of Oxford

Concentration Week on Group Stability and Expanders, University of Copenhagen

Graduate Mini-school in Groups and Dynamics, UT Austin

Applied Topology, Będlewo

Operator Theory 28, Timisoara

Operator Algebras and Dynamics of Groups, CIRM Marseille

C*-algebras and the geometry of groups and semigroups, University of Oslo

Geometric Structures in Group Theory, MFO Oberwolfach

November 13-17

October 9-13

September 4-8

August 30-September 1

July 31-August 4

June 12-16

February 17-25




Masterclass, University of Copenhagen

Totally disconnected locally compact groups: local to global, Universität Münster

Spanish + Polish Mathematical Meeting, University of Łódź

Coarse geometry and dynamics, ENS Lyon

Special Week on Operator Algebras, East China Normal University, Shanghai

Non-commutative Geometry Festival -- Guoliang Yu's 60th, Washington University, St. Louis

Conference on Functional Analysis and Related Topics, IIT Bombay

January 1-12



Zariski dense subgroups, number theory and geometric applications, ICTS Bangalore